【CPhI & P-MEC 】CPhI & P-MEC China 2019 celebrated its 19th edition as a great success!

29.08.2019 10:14

Successfully concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on June 20, 2019, CPhI & P-MEC China 2019 achieved its goals of displaying new achievements, igniting collision of new ideas, and out-looking on new trends in the three days and received high attention from global pharmaceutical industry professionals.


Closing its doors at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) on June 20, 2019, CPhI & P-MEC China celebrated yet another successful event following three days during which it presented the latest industry innovations and trend forecasts, while fuelling collaboration in the industry.




New records set after 19 years of history


Hosted by Informa Markets and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) the event was co-sponsored by Sinoexpo Informa Markets and held its 19th edition this year. Since its first edition took place in 2001, CPhI & P-MEC China has become Asia’s largest and most specialised pharmaceutical event. Throughout the years, the event has witnessed the country’s pharmaceutical industry progress from playing catch-up with the rest of the world to leading the way. 2019’s edition saw new records set in terms of scale as well as the number of exhibitors and visitors at the event. This year’s exhibition area exceeded 200,000m2 - covering all 17 halls of the SNIEC - while exhibitor numbers reached 3,246 and the total visitor number from both domestic and overseas visitors reached 66,569 – a 10% increase on 2018’s figures. The event also saw a 32% increase in overseas visitors reaching 20,302. There was an endless stream of both Chinese and international traders going to stands onsite to negotiate, contributing to an unprecedentedly grand occasion.


Developing new patterns of industry transformation and upgrading


With Healthy China leading an initiative to put an increased focus on China’s medical reform, the nation’s pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a golden period of development. Since the implementation of new policies, Chinese pharmaceuticals are focusing on quality and innovation including the generic drug consistency evaluation, acceleration of pharmaceutical product review and approval, and the Marketing Authorization Holders system. Chinese pharmaceutical practitioners are also promoting development opportunities.


CPhI & P-MEC China, a world-leading one-stop vertical trade and exchange event of the pharmaceutical industry, has been promoting industry development, based on the orientation of focusing, cultivating, and innovating. 13 zones including APIs, fine chemicals and intermediates, pharmaceutical excipients, finished dosages, CMO & CRO, biopharmaceuticals, natural extracts, animal health and feed, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory instruments, environmental protection & clean technology, and pharmaceutical logistics were covered in this session which set up a two-way platform for pharmaceutical enterprises to optimize the industrial chain layout and accelerate transformation and innovation for the deep involvement of Chinese and overseas visitors. Each zone manifested sparkling highlights in 2019: PharmaExcipients China teamed up with FDF China to gather more than 100 prominent Chinese and international pharmaceutical excipients and preparations manufacturers, who showcased their innovative products and technologies; NEX China led nearly 400 natural extract enterprises who came together to share quality resources to incite innovation in the natural extract industry and to launch a new era of the health industry; the high-profile bioLIVE China focused on the latest policies, market strategies, technological development, clinical studies, and patent strategies of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry and look closely at the R&D trends and global dynamics of biological drugs; ICSE China joined hands with Chinese and overseas CDMOs, CROs, and CMOs to bring first-class contract development and manufacturing services, to help more Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises come into contact with more professional Chinese and international partners. Furthermore, over 900 suppliers of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and solutions from around the globe gathered at P-MEC, LABWorld, and EP & Clean Tech China where the event organisers, in association with many overseas partners, organised pharmaceutical equipment purchasers, project leaders, and overseas agents from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South America, Africa and more to participate as representatives and help with the distribution of Chinese pharmaceutical machinery and equipment; InnoPack China not only gathered cutting-edge packaging materials from around the world but also looked to perspective packaging material applications and humanised design philosophy practice, with the proportion of prominent international exhibitors exceeding 25%, in order to meet the Chinese demand for high-end packaging materials; the “Pharma Automation & Informatisation Zone” has been an exhibition highlight in recent years and helps pharma companies achieve capacity optimisation, enabling them to focus more on quality and innovation, covering system integration, automatic products, and information systems to provide the “digital manufacturing” of the pharmaceutical industry for the “intellectualisation of pharmaceutical equipment” and “digitalisation of pharmaceutical production process” and has already brought about results.


Bringing together quality buyers and exhibitor groups, innovating and leading with an international vision


CPhI & P-MEC China is unique in the connection it brings to overseas market and serves as an important link between Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises and worldwide buyers. Since founded, the exhibition has opened a new window for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises to go to expand their markets worldwide. It attracts a continuous stream of international buyers every year, with visitors coming from Europe, America, and Africa increasing year by year. The exhibition attracted 20,302 visits of professional international visitors from over 140 countries and regions in 2019, to fuel Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises’ expansion of global connections.


CPhI & P-MEC China has abundant overseas buyer resources and is also a popular event for international exhibitors. Besides South Korean exhibitor groups that have participated for years, exhibitor groups from India, Poland, Russia, and Turkey were also present this year, showing the resolution of CPhI & P-MEC to actively practice the Belt and Road Initiative of China and its important role in promoting pharmaceutical trade contacts between countries along the Belt and Road and China. Exhibitor groups from these five countries displayed their products onsite together with overseas exhibitors from nearly 300 countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, and Italy, etc., making the exhibition a convenient platform for Chinese enterprises to locate quality partners and bring in overseas products. The exhibition aims to build a global partnership network of the pharmaceutical industry and help more pharmaceutical enterprises lay out overseas markets. The international atmosphere of the exhibition was brought to a climax by the passionate exchanges of Chinese and overseas enterprises on the show floor.


Key pharmaceutical players gathered in Pudong, Shanghai to join the various onsite conferences and activities


Committed to providing Chinese and international pharmaceutical industry professionals with a high-level, open quality platform for exchange and learning, CPhI China held over 100 diverse wonderful activities on the show floor this year, with a record-breaking number of participants exceeding 4,800. And China Pharma Week, a high-end conference and event week specifically rolled out together with CPhI China, launched a total of 23 various conferences and events, to enable people in each sector of the pharmaceutical industrial chain to gain high-end social connections across the supply chain. The CPhI International Agencies Updates and Q&A Session specifically developed sub-sessions on Excipients and Policies, attracting a total of over 370 industry professionals; China-World Innovation and Development Forum focused on the three themes: market, policy, and technology, to offer insight into and thorough analysis of the latest trends in the global pharma industry; the P-MEC China Summit 2019 focused on discussing with on-site visitors how to deal with the quality issues in continuous manufacturing, and the participants expressed that the conference was very practical and they benefited much from the contact with the new field of “continuous manufacturing” and knowledge of data risk management; 2019 Natural Ingredient Conference, 6th China bioLIVE Outlook Summit, China Pharma Environmental Forum 2019, and InnoLAB Salon 2019, etc. also received great attention and high praise from the participating guests, all are features which have gradually become important channels for talking with pharmaceutical leaders and receiving effective support for the strategic deployment of enterprises.


The Bio S&T, as a new convention and exhibition platform for knowledge exchange on new scientific thoughts (Science) and new technological developments (Technology) of biopharmaceuticals, had its grand debut this year and received strong support from six overseas associations including the Chinese-American BioMedical Association (CABA), Chinese-American Bio/Pharmaceutical Society (CABS), and Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association (CBA), etc.. The event focused on three popular topics: therapeutic mAbs, GMP manufacturing of biologicals, and biotechnology investment and also included the financing project roadshow - with over 20 biological experts forming a stellar speaker lineup.


The 2019 Natural Extracts & Products Cocktail Party held for the first time this year celebreated the Top 10 Exporting Enterprises of Plant Extract in China in 2018, Product Innovation Award of Plant Extract in 2019, and Technology Innovation Award of Plant Extract in 2019, selected by our industry experts. The 20 winning innovative products were showcased and promoted in the NEX Innovation Products Gallery and Showcase. In addition, there were many innovation-themed activities held on site: the InnoPack Innovation Gallery and Innovative Cleanroom Solutions Tour, etc. were eye-catching highlights, displaying innovation achievements of Chinese pharmaceuticals to domestic and overseas visitors and also provided international business opportunities for Chinese companies.




Upgrading the “exhibition + internet” platform to boost industry development through the “3+365” model


CPhI.CN (www.cphi.cn), the official online integrated B2B marketing platform of CPhI & P-MEC China, is committed to providing internet solutions for pharmaceutical companies. Showcasing 8,500 quality suppliers and 200,000 industry buyers, a panel with over 100 experts, and attracting ten million visitors, CPhI.CN has upgraded the “exhibition + internet” platform this year, to boost industry development through the “3+365” model, i.e. a 3-day exhibition and 365-day online omni-media channel.


CPhI.CN has arranged a new website lay-out, APP, and mini program and launched many new products of Pharmaceutical Internet Plus this year, to create brand-new experiences for visitors and exhibitors of CPhI & P-MEC China 2019. CPhI.CN joined forces with our exhibition to launch the upgraded online matchmaking system, and to hold the 9th CPhI Buyers Sourcing Event, attracting over 300 buyers from over 40 countries and dozens of international buyer groups, and facilitating nearly 1,000 sessions of meetings and negotiations in 3 days. The efficient matchmaking services facilitated Chinese pharmaceutical companies to connect with global partners.




An ongoing journey, celebrating its 20th anniversary


The 2020 exhibition will be held at the SNIEC on December 16-18, 2020, where the organisers will add temporary exhibition halls to expand the exhibition area; by then, the exhibition scale is expected to reach 210,000m2 to attract over 3,400 Chinese and overseas exhibitors and 75,000 industry professionals from over 140 countries and regions, celebrating the 20th anniversary of CPhI & P-MEC together!


We look forward to an even greater show edition next year. From the singular product display 20 years ago to the current large integrated service platform, CPhI has witnessed the changes of the pharmaceutical industry step by step, grew together with pharmaceutical companies’ growth in scale and strength, and marked the milestone of the big change from “made in China” to “brand of China”. The host always believes in the strength of brand awareness and always makes promoting industry development its mission; it grows together with industry insiders and associations, promotes development through innovation, while having sustainability as foothold, grasps the pulse of the pharmaceutical industry, and strives for the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! 2020 will be an important year in the history of CPhI. Pharmaceutical API and equipment manufacturers are hereby welcome to witness the brilliant 20th anniversary of the exhibition!


For more details on the exhibition, please visit the official website: https://www.cphi.com/china/


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