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29.08.2019 10:01

According to information, China’s packaging industry continued to be upgraded in 2017 towards the output of RMB 2 trillion, which manifested the strength of the packaging industry in China. China is the second largest packaging country next only to the U.S. According to relevant data, the total output of China’s packaging industry exceeded RMB 1.9 trillion in 2016, and the packaging industry continued to be upgraded in 2017 towards the output of RMB 2 trillion. Consumers’ requirements for food packages have risen sharply in recent years with the integration of the food and drug supervision systems, with some products therein starting to be implemented the standards close to the pharmaceutical product packaging standard.


It appears to be particularly important for packaging enterprises to produce the high-performance, multifunctional, and high-standard packaging products, to meet demands of pharmaceutical enterprises and food enterprises for product packaging.


The NEEQ listing ceremony of Shijiazhuang Yucai Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Co., Ltd.. that is specialized in R&D, production, and sales of the special film materials for pharmaceutical and other industries was held in the place of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations. According to information, Yucai Pharmaceutical Packaging that was established in 2003 is an enterprise specialized in R&D, production, and sales of the medicinal LDPE films and bags, and plastic packing bags for food, with products complying with Chinese national standards and industrial standards such as China Food and Drug Administration’s YBB standards, sterile product requirements of new-edition GMP, and sterile product requirements of 2010-edition Chinese Pharmacopoeia.


According to the Chairman Wang Jiutian when receiving the interview, Yucai Pharmaceutical Packaging is based on the new material industry, and has been committed to the deep R&D of the aseptic packaging material technology and preparation process since the founding, and its products have gradually substituted the imported products on China’s pharmaceutical professional film market after years of development. Also according to Wang Jiutian, the whole set of unmanned production technology independently developed by Yucai can achieve unmanned and intelligent process from production to material transfer, and the new polymer film and bag products produced by the enterprise are aseptic and dust-free, and feature high safety and high barrier property, able to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent requirements for bio-safety and chemical stability, and maximize the preservation of the original nutritional ingredients and flavors of food and the extension of shelf lives without adding preservative or the need for refrigeration, to facilitate the storage and transport.


China’s packaging industry has undergone steady and fast growth since the reform and opening up, and China has become an important packaging product producer, consumer, and exporter in the world. There are currently hundreds of thousands of packaging enterprises in China, however, there are only around 200 enterprises that can meet China’s standard for ordinary drugs, and are registered and filed to obtain relevant certificates, and there are only several enterprises that comply with the international asepsis standard. And Yucai is one therein. Yucai Pharmaceutical Packaging, a forerunner in R&D and application of aseptic packing material technology in China, has gradually formed an enterprise standard in the whole production and promotion process, which has been filed with the relevant department of China and adopted as a national standard. Yucai Pharmaceutical Packaging was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations for public transfer on December 8, 2017.


Yucai has formulated the “three-step” ten-year strategic plan five years ago. Step one: to establish the “three-ization” of Yucai, namely, product and technology standardization, enterprise internal control systematization, and capital operation marketization. Form a standardization system for the production process, material process, quality inspection specification, and automated production process, etc. inside the enterprise, on the one hand; prompt Yucai to achieve the internal control specification and push the enterprise to the capital market with the NEEQ listing as the opportunity, on the other hand. Core of step two is the “three-one” planning, namely, to establish one headquarters base, one R&D/engineering center, and one demonstration park, which is the continuity of the enterprise’ expansion development, and a concentrated reflection of the enterprise’s past essence; form a replicable template through the demonstration park, and provide commercial resource support and technical resource support to the demonstration park separately through the headquarters base and R&D/engineering center. Core of step three is the “two-interaction” to achieve the split type expansion of Yucai’s demonstration park. The so-called “two-interaction” is: the interaction between Yucai standards and the enterprises that settle in in terms of technology and assets, and the interaction between Yucai park and investors in terms of industry and financing, with the former directly achieving Yucai’s driving of the entire industry, and reversely achieving expansion of Yucai’s overall size and anti-risk capacity with the help of the industry enterprises, with the latter directly furnishing investors with investment platform and exit route with good prospects and returns, and reversely providing a stable financing channel for Yucai’s sustainable development. Through the step three strategic planning with “two-interaction” as the core, export Yucai’s standardization system and drive the overall development and change of the relevant industry.


Yucai Pharmaceutical Packaging has made staged achievements and realized step one of the “three-step” development strategy. Yucai will form a unique development strategy in the future, to bring investors good economic returns and drive change in the industry.



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