InnoPack China Awards

In 2020, InnoPack China will launch the InnoPack China Awards: a ceremony that will recognise innovative pharmaceutical packaging products, solutions and technologies. Celebrating the latest industry developments, the awards aim to provide inspiration to packaging companies and drive innovation within the pharmaceutical packaging industry.


Awards are Open to:


  • Packaging or drug delivery device suppliers with innovative packaging solutions and/or products for pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical drug products. Entries must demonstrate clear innovation in ensuring drug quality, improving patient-centricity and adherence or supporting sustainable development

  • Pharmaceutical, veterinary or biopharmaceutical companies with innovative packaging or drug delivery devices for their solutions. These companies may apply in cooperation with the packaging providers

    NB: Entries will only be considered if the product has been launched in the past 5 years




    Categories & Criteria:

    InnoPack Functionality Award

    This will be awarded to a product that helps to optimize the performance of pharmaceuticals with an innovative packaging solution or drug delivery device.

    • Does the product answer a previously unmet need?
    • Is it the first of its kind on the market?
    • Does the product achieve and improve the drug’s therapeutic effect?

    InnoPack Market Potential Award

    This award will be given to a product or company that creates new business opportunities in the pharmaceutical market and helps pharmaceutical companies lead the market through packaging innovation.

    • Is this a revolutionary or adapted packaging solution?
    • Has the product created market opportunities? i.e. financial metrics?
    • Is the new product or solution executable?

    InnoPack Patient Adherence Award

    This award will be given to a product or company that helps to improve patient compliance through innovative or improved packaging solutions (including packaging materials, drug delivery forms and intelligent interactions, etc.)

    • Does the product have innovative points in compliance?
    • Does the product achieve the actual treatment compliance improvement among the users?
    • Is the product or solution executable?

    InnoPack Cost Effective Award

    This will be awarded to a product or company that delivers economic excellence to a pharmaceutical company through reform or innovation (including revenue, sales or cost savings, etc.)

    • Does the product bring cost optimization for pharmaceutical companies?
    • Can the economic benefits of the product be quantified?
    • Has any added value been brought by the product to pharmaceutical companies?

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